Finding the right property to fix and flip or to secure as a rental is not easy. For rehabbing, how much work and time will be required to fix and bring to market? Are there any property flaws which will delay a sale or completely turn off buyers? For renting, are you aware of the local laws concerning zoning and short-term rentals? Once you do secure a property, do you have the right network of contractors, housekeepers and staging services to help get your property ready and keep it maintained? If you find a property in the correct zone, do you understand what’s needed to get ready for rent and are you able to setup and manage your short-term listing so you aren’t taken advantage of by renters who exploit travel website terms and conditions?

For close to 20 years I’ve been viewing properties and exploring areas in three states for investment and have managed both long and short-term rentals. Owning and managing my own investment properties has taught me how critical each step is from the booking process until the guest checks out and the security deposit is refunded. My experience in this space can help you secure the right property and get setup for rental or for market.