Buying Property El Dorado Hills

Not long ago an agent would do most of the leg work when it came to searching a buyers target area for potential property matches. These days it’s easy for a buyer to find the exact property they want simply using Zillow. Still, there are many steps an agent must complete to help a buyer navigate the purchase process. With so many agents, how do you find the right one to work with? Having spent over a decade in adtech sales myself and almost two decades buying and selling homes in multiple states I understand the difference between a sales person who builds relationships and trust vs one who’s simply selling something and moving on. With the ups and downs of individual markets, the last thing a buyer needs is an agent to be a yes person or have so little experience that they have no ability to spot obvious defects or deficiencies placing the buyer further at risk.

Life happens, jobs change, babies arrive, cities and roads expand etc which inevitably leads to someone looking to sell. Imagine you tour a home, loved it and the agent said it was perfect! You complete the purchase, however sometime later you need to sell and you call the agent you worked with. Suddenly there are “issues” or “defects” to the property which make it difficult for you to sell or sell at the price you'd hoped. Why weren’t these things an issue when you were purchasing? Why couldn’t you use these issues to your advantage to get a lower price when you put your offer in to buy?

Working with an agent who can’t walk through a home and point out obvious possible property defects which will affect your future ability to sell and sell quickly is a mistake. You need someone on your side who isn’t afraid to let a sale go by pointing out the obvious. This is a big purchase and most important it’s your money and investment, not the agents. You can’t win every time but in Real Estate you can mitigate the risk by working with someone who has been there and done that. I’ve been through the process on both the buy and sell side, flipped and held rentals, toured hundreds of homes, and helped others as an agent in three states. As a sales person who's worked with individuals and the largest brands in the world I want to pass my knowledge on to you, the buyer, and help you find not just the home you like but one which will act as the best investment.