Selling Your Property

Selling a home is more than science. Have you ever noticed how identical properties in the same building can sell for drastically different prices? The reason is that strategy makes all the difference. First determine why you want to sell, is it to find a larger space, a new school district, or are you moving out of state? How quickly do you need to sell? If you need to sell quick, we can get you listed right away by providing a market analysis along with a plan to get started. If not, then we can discuss the most optimal time to sell your property.

Marketing Done Right

Whatever the reason, we next want to determine how aggressively we need to market the property. For this I will formulate a custom-tailored marketing plan based on my decade of experience working directly with brands and publishers while at the most well-known adtech companies in the world. I use this experience and the relationships I’ve built to advertise your home on the best web sites and their related content sections, targeting buyers and investors not just in the US but in strategic cities around the globe. Remember, up to 50% of ad spend online is syphoned by fraudsters through website spoofing and bot nets so most agents’ ads never see a live human. Through the partnerships I’ve made I can filter out the bad actors to ensure your ads are viewed by real people. This means more ads viewed by real people, where ever qualified buyers may be, thus shortening the time to find a buyer.