15 Best Things to Do in El Dorado Hills, California

February 23, 2022
Movie night at Town Center
Serrano golf club

The hamlet of El Dorado Hills, located on the slopes of the high Sierras, serves as the entryway to gorgeous El Dorado County, California. If you want to spend a weekend in a mountaintop town with a variety of beautiful vistas, this is the place to go.

The settlement is high above the ground at the foot of the mountains, rising from 200 feet to more than 10,800 feet. There is a lot to do in El Dorado Hills. In the winter, for example, you may travel from the hamlet up to the Sierras to ski. Similarly, you may enjoy wonderful good wines in the village’s wineries. The American River also provides an excellent chance for whitewater rafting for daring visitors.

There are around 1,000,000 acres of national forest in El Dorado County, with the Desolation Wilderness region being California’s most visited wilderness area. In addition, there are 11,640 acres of lakes in El Dorado County. Would you want to learn more about El Dorado Hills? The following are some of the best things to do in town:

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment at El Dorado Hills Town Center

Movie night at Town Center

The El Dorado Hills Town Center was rated the #1 “Best Live Music Venue” in 2018 by the Sacramento A-List, which should be more than enough motivation for you to come. Aside from live music, the shopping center is home to a variety of high-end retail establishments.

Similarly, the town center offers a variety of must-try dining alternatives, ranging from informal dinner locations to premium eateries. Enjoy your breakfast while gazing out at the adjacent lake. After your dinner, you may watch the newest movie at the IMAX cinema in the town center.

Visit Promontory Park and Sport Complex for the Day

Promontory Park

The Promontory Park in El Dorado Hills, located on Alexandra Drive, offers a variety of activities for both residents and visitors. During your stay, you will find natural grass sports fields and courts, children’s playgrounds, and a picnic area.

This 18.7-acre park was opened in 2007, and it is continually being expanded. What sports are available to you here? Adults and girls can participate in bocce, tennis, and softball. All of the courts and grounds for these games are also illuminated, allowing you to play late into the night. Similarly, in their own places, you may have a lovely picnic or BBQ.

Dry Diggings Distillery Offers Fine Spirits

Dry Diggings Distillery

The Dry Diggings Distillery launched in 2008, making it the first distillery of its sort in quite some time. The distillery was part of the “early second wave” of tiny distilleries in the United States in the mid-2000s. They provided tourists with comprehensive distillery tours and allowed them to sample their whole line of spirits. Similarly, they sold unique gift products.

Dry Diggings Distillery partnered with Amador Distillery in 2015 to manufacture more spirits using locally farmed fruit and grain. Dry Diggings now offers tours and tastings of spirits aged in barrels for more than ten years.

Mraz Brewing Company Offers a Variety of Unique Beers

Mraz Brewing Company

Mraz Brewing Company is the place to go if you want to experience genuinely outstanding Belgian-inspired or American-style beers. Their renowned beers have also received several honors. At Mraz, you can be certain that you are drinking only the greatest quality beer.

Similarly, this brewery is unique in that it does not develop a predetermined beverage list. They like to shake things up, with an ever-changing menu of entirely different brews created with only the best and most distinctive ingredients. They’ve created over 100 distinct beers throughout the years, with more on the way.

At the El Dorado Saloon & Grill, You Can Grab a Bite to Eat

El Dorado Saloon Patio

Anyone who has never been to a new town should be hungry. When your hunger grumbles, sneak into the El Dorado Saloon & Grill and devour their delectable cuisine. The venue features live music, so you can listen to your favorite tracks while eating or drinking. You have the option of staying inside the restaurant or enjoying the beautiful scenery and weather from their amazing patio tables. Nachos, buffalo wings, cheeseburgers, chicken sliders, and more dishes are available. Similarly, they serve delectable beers, wines, and cocktails at happy hour.

Shop New Clothes at the Runway Boutique

Runway Boutique

The Runway Boutique, one of the leading shops in the community, is located close to the El Dorado Hills Town Center. The company specializes on assisting women who want to get the best clothes and accessories for their budget or unique style. They offer the highest-quality clothing and accessories to ladies of all ages, body types, and styles. The store carries sophisticated designer apparel that may be worn for any occasion, formal or informal. There are also matching shoes and jewelry for sale at varied costs. If you’re unsure what to buy, the knowledgeable staff will guide you to the garments that are right for you and will never go out of style.

Face In A Book Will Expand Your Knowledge

Face in a Book Store

Who says a bookshop can’t be a tourist draw? If you wish to broaden your horizons in El Dorado Hills, visit the Face in a Book bookshop and immerse yourself in a sea of literature. The store sells books on a wide range of topics, and its inventory number in the thousands.

In addition to books, the bookshop sells stationery, greeting cards, and other gift goods. When you visit Face in a Book, you may come across unique activities hosted for the community to enhance their connections via books. These events, such as children’s book events or book signings, draw a large number of readers from throughout the country.

Take a stroll in Kalithea Park

Kalithea Park

This park may be found near the junctions of Powers Drive, Gillett Drive, Ridgeview Drive, and El Dorado Hills. During your stay, you’ll be treated to a spectacular perspective of adjacent Sacramento and the impressive Folsom Lake. These vistas help to explain why the park is known as “Kalithea,” which translates to “beautiful view” in Greek.

Aside from the scenery, you may also take use of the park’s other attractions. You may, for example, let your children play at the children’s play structure while you play with friends on the sports field, which is placed on natural turf. You may also host a BBQ in the park with your friends or family.

Hike across the Old Salmon Falls Bridge

Salmon Falls Bridge

Every year, a moderate number of hikers use this 3.9-kilometer back path near El Dorado Hills because it is suitable for hikers of all ability levels. Even if you’re not a seasoned hiker, you’ll enjoy simply strolling along this nature route. From October to March is the ideal time to visit this location.

This bridge is usually hidden beneath Folsom Lake, only emerging when the lake’s water level dips below 400 feet. This bridge was constructed in 1925 to connect the opposite sides of the American River’s South Fork. Cross the Old Salmon Bridge to reach the Darrington Trail, which leads to the Peninsula Campground.

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area is a Great Place to Get Outside

Folsom Lake Recreation Area

El Dorado Hills is about 13 minutes away from Folsom, where you may explore the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. This state park, which includes a lake and leisure area, is located in the foothills of the gorgeous Sierra foothills. What activities are available at this park? If you enjoy the great outdoors, you’ll enjoy hiking, riding, and camping here.

Similarly, you may enjoy the lake by renting a boat or going water skiing. Folsom Lake also has trout, catfish, and perch fishing. The park also includes the historic Folsom Powerhouse, which adds a touch of history to the setting. This structure was previously known as the “greatest operative electrical plant on the American continent.”

In Closing

El Dorado Hills has a plethora of recreation and adventure opportunities. Similarly, it’s an excellent starting place for visiting adjacent cities with stunning natural features. You won’t go wrong with El Dorado Hills if you want to satisfy your daring side. Make your reservation today!

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