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March 10, 2021
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Summer is just around the corner, even if it is still only spring. For many households, this means switching from heat to air conditioning, and maybe finding out that their air conditioner isn’t operating properly. This is why it’s critical to have your air conditioning system inspected before you need it. You’ll not only avoid the rush for repairs, but you’ll also have more time to clean and prepare your unit so it can work at its best all summer. So, when – and how – should you get your air conditioning system ready for summer?

Now Is The Time for A/C Prepping

Any time the temperature rises beyond 50 degrees or so, you may perform a basic check on your air conditioner. You don’t need to leave it on all day; just long enough to ensure that it’s blowing cold and that the outdoor unit isn’t emitting any strange noises or odors. If you try this while it’s too cold outdoors, some units will freeze, while others will just refuse to turn on, and both of these circumstances will likely result in you hiring a repairman for no reason. However, it’s also critical not to wait too long to inspect your unit for faults, as HVAC technicians are in high demand as soon as the weather warms up. Check your unit when the days begin to warm but aren’t too hot, unless you enjoy waiting for service. If you beat the rush, you should be able to find someone to make a repair in a fair amount of time.

Now Is The Time for A/C Prepping

Although much of what it takes to repair an air conditioner unit necessitates the assistance of a skilled professional, there are many things a homeowner can do to prepare their system on their own. Without proper expertise, never remove covers on HVAC equipment, however here are some things you can do right now:

Get rid of the weeds. Weeds growing inside and near your exterior air conditioner unit might obstruct the air flow that allows your unit to function properly. Remove any vines that have climbed inside, trim any weeds growing around the unit, and use this opportunity to spray the weeds within a foot of the unit with a strong weedkiller while the breaker is turned off.

Rinse the condenser unit thoroughly. During the summer, the condenser is the unit that sits outside and hums. The major portion of the apparatus, if you look closely, is a massive bank of small metal fins enclosed in a metal cage. Because the condenser transfers heat from your home through these fins, it’s critical to keep them clean and exposed to the open air. Cleaning them is a simple operation, however it can take some time. Simply hose down the entire device, both inside and out, until there is no more debris or grit in the water pouring out.

Make sure your condensation line is clear. The condensation line is another source of frustration for air conditioners. Even if you use it when your heater is on, a lot more humidity is removed from room air during the warmer seasons, so a problem might not be as noticeable during the winter. You’ll discover an access point near or at your furnace where you may put a little vinegar or bleach through the line to kill algae and mildew that might clog the system.

Make sure your filters are clean. You should clean or replace your filters at least once every three months, but during the winter, things can get a little out of hand. Now is the moment to re-establish healthier routines. Clean or discard your filter if there is any discoloration or apparent dirt, depending on the type you have. For optimal air flow to your unit, repeat this procedure monthly until the end of the summer.

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